Technology for book publishing

In response to a clear need for a seamless and efficient digital-first book publishing solution, we assembled a collection of PubSweet components into a community-driven platform. Editoria is being developed in partnership with UC Press and the California Digital Library with funding from the Mellon Foundation. We are looking for new partners to join the community, adopt editoria, and contribute to the future vision.

Explore the Editoria demo site (username: admin; password: password), or learn how Editoria has changed books production for the University of California Press.

Technology for journal publishing

We are rethinking journal publishing to take advantage of the web and address ongoing challenges, and leverage new opportunities for publishers. Our collection of PubSweet components for manuscript submission, known as xPub, focus digitizing the entire submission workflow—from author upload to production. Our founding publisher partners are UC Press, eLife, and Hindawi, but we are always looking for new partners interested in joining our effort and revolutionizing how we publish.

Technology for micropublications

“Micropublications” are brief research communications. These can be in the form of early results, protocols developed, gene annotations, or other short outputs that are generated over the course of a research project. Although there are similarities to journals, micropublication workflows are more variable and often more simple. To facilitate the growing demand for rapid publication of this content type, we are working with to develop a new micropublication submission and review system.

Explore WormBase’s experience designing a micropublication with Coko.

Illustration showing software iteration