Great technologies aren’t created in isolation. They’re community-built and open to collaboration. The best technologies develop when the community envisions the ideal solution and an experienced team develops precise and elegant solutions. Coko works in partnership with publishers, partners, funders, developers, and others who are moving an open source infrastructure for publishing from vision to reality.

We have a great set of partners working with us towards a common vision – better, faster, more open publishing. Below is an incomplete list of our partners. To learn more about how we work with community members, see How we work.

What our partners have to say about
working with Coko

“We’ve tried to build software for other people before, but it wasn’t until we worked with the Coko Foundation that we realised how important a ‘community-first’ approach is. The benefits from the conversations, before any code is even written, is obvious when you start writing and even more obvious when you see the quality of the finished product.

“I love the pleasant surprise when one of your collaborators solves a problem for you, or when you find a problem you thought was just unique to you being discussed elsewhere. For us, the main benefit is knowing that what we’re building is useful to others and is solving the important problems – things get built more quickly and more correctly which reduces the burden on everyone.”

– Paul Shannon, Head of Technology, eLife

“[Coko] have marshalled a diverse group of publishers towards a shared goal. Together, we’ve implemented a radically open process of constructive collaboration, where each member benefits from the strengths of the others. The result has been rapid progress towards an elegant, maintainable product.

“An improvement for one becomes an improvement for all. Individual communities can focus on core areas of expertise — peer review, hosting, discovery — knowing that their innovations will improve the entire system. The result is more creativity, a more diverse set of solutions, and, ultimately, faster progress.”

Andrew Smeall, Head of Strategic Products, Hindawi