Great technologies aren’t created in isolation. They’re community-built and open to collaboration.

The best technologies develop when the community envisions the ideal solution and an experienced team develops precise and elegant solutions. Coko works in partnership with publishers, partners, funders, developers, and others who are moving an open source infrastructure for publishing from vision to reality.

Mobilizing the power of community to build Open Source infrastructure

Coders, user experience designers, platform service providers and publishers are coming together with Coko to develop solutions to the thorniest of publishing problems — from seamless web-based, end-to-end, authoring, editing and workflow systems to tools that manage critical file conversion tasks. By bringing together a robust and diverse ecosystem of tool-builders and platform experts, we ensure needed depth and breadth. By making the suite of technologies open and interoperable, we are building for a flexible future that will transform research communications.


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What is Community-driven Open Source?

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    No More Silos

    Publishers and developers work together to build and maintain a shared “public utilities” of publishing, rather than relying on proprietary, siloed “black box” systems.

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    User-Centric Development

    Development is no longer a one way process. By involving users & customers of the technologies in the design and build processes, we are aligning development more closely with their needs.

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    Reliability, Sustainability and Scale

    Open source projects pool expert, cutting edge talent to solve community-wide problems. Shared development = shared responsibility = sustainability and scale for the long term.

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    Freedom to Focus

    Shared open infrastructure frees publishers to focus on areas where they can truly add value — service, author relationships, and branding.

Community-driven = wholly transparent development

All code, documentation, and discussion of Coko projects is shared from the earliest stages, offering the publishing community the ability to participate on many different levels. Follow our work on Mattermost and GitLab.

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Our Funders

Coko’s work is supported by the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and the Shuttleworth Foundation.

  • Laura and John Arnold Foundation
  • Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
  • Shuttleworth Foundation